Big-budget period dramas create ‘more positive’ view of China in Taiwan

The Telegraph 
Date: 30 JUNE 2018
By: Nicola Smith, taipei

Prince of Lan Ling is a popular historical drama in Taiwan

Flamboyant, big-budget Chinese period dramas have been credited with making the Taiwanese public view China more favourably over the past year, despite escalating political tensions between Beijing and Taipei.

While China still features on the list of Taiwan’s least favourite countries, on which it is only marginally more popular than North Korea, the positive shift has been attributed in part to the influence of widely-viewed costume dramas that delve deep into China’s feudal and dynastic past, such as Nirvana in Fire.

Viewers have been enthralled by successful TV series including Empresses in the Palace, with its stunning costumes and intricate plot about back-stabbing concubines in the Imperial Palace of the Qing dynasty, which are awarded prime-time slots on Taiwanese channels.    [FULL  STORY]

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