PHOTOS: Making Miniature Worlds with Taiwanese Artist Hank Cheng

Model maker Hank Cheng’s dioramas are something special.

The News Lens
Date: 2018/06/30
By: Saigoneer

Photo Credit: Hank Cheng via Facebook

The amount of detail in these works is remarkable.

Hank Cheng is a Taiwanese artist who creates realistic miniature models of streets scenes, restaurants, and even dystopian wastelands. Cheng started to create the small-scale models three years ago. His first model was based on a Japanese restaurant he used to visit while studying there, according to Reuters.

Since then, Cheng has been challenging himself to produce smaller and more difficult models. Although the work is labor intensive – many objects have to be created from scratch and involve 12 hours a day in the workshop – Cheng said immersing in the “small people world” helps him feel relaxed.

Each of Cheng’s creations carry a theme: a room of a boy who’s obsessed with Japanese manga, a dystopian wasteland, a midnight canteen, a miniature rendition of his own room, a scene inspired by the Japanese science fiction franchise Gundam.

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