Can Kosovo Be a Civic Tech Role Model for Taiwan?

The countries have many differences, but share a lack of recognition from the UN – and a spirit of solving problems using civic technology.

The News Lens
Date: 2018/09/17
By: Chen Ting-yen (陳廷彥),

Credit: Open Data Kosovo

On Feb. 17, 2008, the Assembly of Kosovo read out Kosovo’s Declaration of Independence and unilaterally declared Kosovo to be independent from Serbia.

A decade later, 111 out of 193 United Nations member states, including the United States and 23 European Union members, recognize the Republic of Kosovo. However, due to vehement opposition from Serbia and its ally Russia, which holds veto power on the UN Security Council, Kosovo has not been able to join the UN.

Kosovo’s circumstances make it hard to not associate it with other unrecognized or partially recognized entities – such as Taiwan, which is recognized by only 16 countries and the Holy See as China has suppressed its presence on the international stage.

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