Court sentences man to nearly four years for fatal DUI

Taipei Times
Date: Apr 26, 2020
By: Jason Pan / Staff reporter

A Taoyuan man on Wednesday was found guilty of killing a man while driving under the influence (DUI) in April 2018.

The man, surnamed Liao (廖), was sentenced to three years and 10 months in prison, and ordered to pay compensation to the victim’s family.

The Taoyuan District Court explained its ruling, saying that Liao (廖) fled after hitting a man surnamed Chen (陳), who was just about to open the door to his parked vehicle.

Investigators said that Liao did not stop to report the accident, as required by law, but drove off and was flagged down an hour later by Taoyuan police, who gave him a breath alcohol test.

The test found that Liao had a blood alcohol level of 0.51mg per liter (mg/L), above the legal limit of 0.15mg/L.    [FULL  STORY]

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