DISCOVER TAIPEI — Bangka old town yesterday and today

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2016/01/05

What are some of the historical sites associated with Bangka (also known as

Bopiliao. (CNA file photo)

Bopiliao. (CNA file photo)

Monga, 艋舺)? Longshan Temple, Herb Alley, Bopiliao, and the food stalls in Xinfu Market (新富市場) are some examples.

Bangka is the former name of Wanhua, and due to its favorable position near the mouth of the Tamsui River, it was the third largest city in Taiwan during the Qing dynasty (清代), following Tainan and Lukang. It was also the starting point for the development of Taipei.

Today, it is a place where traces remain of its former glamour and glory, such as ancient temples, streets, markets, and shops. Its many historical and cultural features, which have existed for hundreds of years, make it easy to spend a whole day here.     [FULL  STORY]

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