Tsai urges supports to guard against opponents’ tricks

Taiwan News
Date: 2016-01-05
By: George Liao, Taiwan News, Staff Writer

Opposition Democratic Progressive Party presidential candidate Tsai Ing-wen

Tsai urges voters to guard against tricks.

Tsai urges voters to guard against tricks.

Tuesday urged supporters to guard against opponents’ three last-ditch tricks—money, smear campaign and threat—in the run-up to the polling day.

Tsai made the statement while she was rooting for Lee Kun-tse, one of DPP’s legislative candidates in Kaohsiung.

Tsai said she hopes all 17 DPP legislative candidates in southern Taiwan’s Tainan City, Kaohsiung City and Pintung County to win the election to ensure a majority of DPP seats in the Legislature.

She urged supporters to stand firm in their support for the DPP and guard against opponents’ dirty tricks of money, smear campaign and threat that they usually resorted to in the run-up to the polling day.      [FULL  STORY]

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