Doctor advises public to eat fruit with Dragon Boat Festival treats

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 2017-05-27

Taiwan has begun celebrating the annual Dragon Boat Festival, with workers

Zongzi, a traditional Dragon Boat Festival Treat that is wrapped in leaves. (CNA)

enjoying an extended four-day-long weekend that begins Saturday.

Traditionally, this is a time for enjoying zongzi, dumplings made with glutinous rice. However, Doctor Chen Chih-dao of New Taipei’s Far Eastern Memorial Hospital says that these treats make the time around the Dragon Boat Festival an especially busy one for Taiwanese doctors.

In addition to glutinous rice, zongzi often contain streaky pork, egg yolks, and other ingredients that are difficult to digest. Many common ingredients are also high in oil, salt, and sugar.

Chen says that as a result, these seasonal treats can cause gastrointestinal problems and can also lead to a spike in blood sugar among those suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes or high blood lipids.    [FULL  STORY]

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