EPA drafts subsidy plan to phase out older diesel trucks

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2017/05/29
By: Wu Hsin-yun and Ko Lin

Taipei, May 29 (CNA) The Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) has drafted

(CNA file photo)

a plan to use subsidies to phase out one of the country’s major mobile air pollution sources — older diesel trucks — from public roads in Taiwan.

The plan, once finalized, would give private diesel truck owners up to NT$400,000 (US$13,285) if they agree to have their old trucks scrapped and terminated.

The subsidy program would target Category 1 diesel trucks, manufactured prior to June 30, 1993, and Category 2 diesel trucks produced between July 1, 1993 and June 30, 1999.

Owners who apply to have their Category 1 trucks terminated prior to December 10, 2018 are entitled to a subsidy of between NT$50,000 and NT$300,000, while Category 2 vehicle owners would get NT$100,000 to NT$400,000.    [FULL  STORY]

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