Foundation marches for Referendum Act changes

CALL TO ACT: Foundation founder Lin I-hsiung might stage another indefinite hunger strike if the legislature fails to pass the proposed revisions before year-end

Taipei Times
Date: Dec 09, 2017
By: Su Fang-ho and Lee Hsin-fang  /  Staff reporters

Dozens of members of the People Rule Foundation yesterday marched from Taipei’s 228

Members of the People Rule Foundation walk around the Presidential Office Building in Taipei yesterday in a demonstration calling on the government to pass a draft amendment to the Referendum Act that would lower the thresholds for holding and passing referendums.  Photo: Liu Hsin-de, Taipei Times

Memorial Park to the Presidential Office Building as part of its campaign to urge the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to swiftly pass a draft amendment to the Referendum Act (公民投票法).

The act has been compared to a “birdcage,” because it imposes an extremely high threshold for any proposal to pass. A proposal would be rejected if either its voter turnout or affirmative ballots does not exceed half of the number of the nation’s eligible voters.

While the amendment passed its first reading in the legislature last year, it only cleared its second reading yesterday.

Foundation members marched to the Presidential Office Building and stood silently in front of the building to demonstrate their long-term demand for the referendum threshold to be lowered.    [FULL  STORY]

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