Four of Apache visit group left nation

EXIT CONTROL:Prosecutors said that the 13 adults who attended the military base were unable to travel out of the country while an investigation into the incident was ongoing

Taipei Times
Date: Apr 05, 2015
By: Cheng Shu-ting  /  Staff Reporter, with CNA

Taoyuan prosecutors yesterday confirmed that four of the 20 people who made a controversial visit to a restricted military base housing US-made AH-64 attack helicopters last Sunday had left the country, as they put the 13 adults in the group under exit control.

The four are: Jerry Chiu (邱泰翰), a brother-in-law of the “tour leader,” Lieutenant Colonel Lao Nai-cheng (勞乃成), Chiu’s wife, Joanna Wang (王君怡), who left for the US on Tuesday; Chiu Po-han (邱柏翰), another of Lao’s brother-in-law of Lao’s, who flew to Hong Kong on Friday; and Lao’s friend Lai Pei-chen (賴佩珍), who headed to Japan on Thursday, according to the Taoyuan District Prosecutors’ Office.     [FULL  STORY]

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