From Caracas to Taipei: The Strange World of Ignacio Huang

The life of the Taiwan-born Argentine actor spans across continents and cultures.

The News Lens
Date: 2017/04/21
By: James Baron

With Venezuela in the midst of economic and social meltdown, “El Peor Hombre de Mundo (The Worst Man in the World)” might seem about as far removed from the average Caraquenian experience as imaginable. Released at the end of 2016, this corny comedy depicts the travails of a serial philanderer on a trail of redemption. Bars, swank penthouse parties and chummy workouts in tranquil parks serve as backdrops to the flashbacks that introspection.

It’s a depiction of Caracas that seems scarcely credible and one that might seem inappropriate given the facts on the ground: murder and, now, near mayhem. Certainly some local critics were far from impressed with what they saw. “A neutral Caracas,” sneers one.    [FULL  STORY]

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