Futuristic Taiwan skyscraper will be infused with an abundance of greenery

Date: Dec 6, 2017
By Nicole Jewell

French architect Elizabeth de Portzamparc just unveiled competition-winning plans for the Intelligence Operation Center tower in Taichung, Taiwan. The futuristic tower – which will be over 800 feet tall – will have pockets of greenery infused throughout its many levels to provide a healthy interior environment and to help the modern tower blend into its surroundings.

The TIOC Tower will feature a digital cultural center, retail, offices and various restaurants, and it was designed to blend into the urban scheme of the neighborhood. The concept revolves around vertical interconnected spaces, which function as individual neighborhoods at each level. Along with office space, restaurants, and social spaces, green mini parks will be planted in virtually every level so that office workers, visitors, and guests will be able to enjoy plant life at any location in the building.

Starting at the ground floor, an open-air, ribbon-shaped walkway will wind around the building’s first three floors. Following the shape of the walkway, an abundance of greenery will create an enjoyable natural trail that leads to the entrance of the building. On the interior, a large open atrium with floor-to-ceiling glass walls will be flooded with natural light, providing an active, healthy atmosphere.    [FULL  STORY]

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