Gangsters throw signal bombs and burn

The China Poast
Date: July 1, 2015
By Sun Hsin-hsuan

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Around 10 people were arrested and accussed of throwing signal bombs and crashing cars, including burning cars in fornt of a police station on the streets at midnight Tuesday, according to police officers of New Taipei City Police Department, Sanchong Precinct yesterday.

Police officers said that about 30 gangsters on scooters crashed several cars and threw signal bombs on the street on Tuesday. After checking surveillance cameras, officers have taken nine suspects into custody, eight men, two women, two of which are underage. Another twenty-three suspects will be summoned later, officers added.

Suspects will be investigated with the charge of offenses against public safety, officers said, adding that some of them had possession of Ketamine.

According to the police, three of the suspects have admitted to randomly crashing cars.     [FULL  STORY]

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