Government defends stance on security

TWO PROPOSALS:Premier Lin Chuan said that the Cabinet did not approve a draft, because there were concerns that it would be an overreach of government authority

Taipei Times
Date: Mar 11, 2017
By: Alison Hsiao / Staff reporter

Premier Lin Chuan (林全) yesterday reiterated that a draft national security and

Premier Lin Chuan speaks during a question-and-answer session at the Legislative Yuan in Taipei yesterday. Photo: Fang Pin-chao, Taipei Times

counterintelligence bill has not been approved by the Cabinet, while Minister of Justice Chiu Tai-san (邱太三) said the need for anti-infiltration measures should not be likened to authoritarian-era persecutions.

The proposal has sparked controversy over the authority it would give government agencies, prompting some to say it harkened to the White Terror era.

Media outlets on Thursday reported the full text of a Investigation Bureau draft, which would give counterintelligence agents with approval access to documents regarding people suspected of posing a threat to public security.

It also proposes that public security units be established at every level of government, representative offices and state-run enterprises that operate vital infrastructure.

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