In This Rotating Apartment Of The Future, Everyone Gets A Penthouse View

The Huffington Post
Date: 04/23/2015
By: Carly Ledbetter

Industrial designer Yi-Chen Shin Kuo sees the future of building design as an o-SK-570ever-changing, open landscape, a vision he recently incorporated in an award-winning building proposal.

Kuo just won the Futuristic Design Category in the A’ Design Award and Competition for his 2014 thesis project “Turn To The Future,” a rotating apartment building where views consistently change for dwellers.

Kuo, who completed his thesis for the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, says his concept focuses mainly on millennials, specifically those who want to “change their rural idyll without sacrificing their metropolitan lifestyle.” The housing project, which he envisioned for 2035, would allow city dwellers to enjoy a new landscape every day when they look out their window.     [FULL  STORY]

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