Indian media report praises Taichung as ‘artsy capital of Taiwan’

Report in Economic Times touts Taichung as city undergoing 'architectural and cultural renaissance'

Taiwan News
Date: 2019/07/14
By: Duncan DeAeth, Taiwan News, Staff Writer

Taichung skyline (Photo from Pexels user Michael Spadoni)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The English-language Indian news site, the Economic Times published an impressive report on the Taiwanese city of Taichung, praising the city as the center of an “architectural and cultural renaissance.”

The article, penned by Kalpana Sunder, describes some of the unique architecture and attractions of the city, labeling Taichung the “artsy capital” of Taiwan. The article notes the innovative, and environmentally conscious work of architects Toyo Ito and Cecil Balmond in the Taichung National Theater, which Sunder calls the “city’s showstopper.”

The work also highlight’s the recently completed and pedestrian friendly Liuchuan Canal Waterfront. Other architectural highlights mentioned by the piece are the Taichung Literature Museum, fashioned from an old Japanese dormitory, and the Taichung Cultural and Creative Industries Park, which occupies a refurbished winery.

The article entitled “Taiwan’s second largest city undergoing an architectural and cultural renaissance” finishes with an introduction of Taichung’s famous Rainbow Village and the popular Feng Chia Night Market.    [FULL  STORY]

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