Look: Hunky fruit seller in Taiwan the latest in fawned-over food vendors

Just as the internet was coming down from all the hype over Taipei’s hunky bean curd tw-fruit-selling-hunk-2seller and the now semi-famous “pork princess”, another beautiful vendor in Taiwan has got web users in a tizzy. Must be something in the water.
Wang Xianghong was recently photographed at a fruit and vegetable store on Qiangjiang Road in Taipei’s Beitou district, and customers, mostly female, admit that they can’t help but ogle the worker’s six-pack as they’re shopping for fresh produce.

“It must be quite hot today for his top to be off. I’d want to buy more,” one female shopper said.

Wang, who is 20 years old and measures 185 centimeters tall, reportedly works as a part-time model with the Taiwanese agency CatWalk.By Joyce Ng     [FULL  STORY]

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