MAC urges HK protestors to abide by laws when entering Taiwan

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 09 December
By: Natalie Tso

Hong Kong protesters on International Human Rights Day (photo: Yeh Tse Ying)

The Mainland Affairs Council is urging people from Hong Kong to follow the law when entering Taiwan. The comments followed a story in the New York Times on Sunday which said that over 200 Hong Kong protestors have fled to Taiwan for safety.

The council said Taiwan has a legal framework in place to enable people from Hong Kong and Macau to enter for humanitarian reasons or other purposes. It urged travelers to respect the law.

President Tsai has spoken out in support of the democracy protests in Hong Kong. But the government has been reluctant to pass a special asylum law for political refugees coming from Hong Kong or China.

The New York Times article described a network of lawyers, churches and fishermen who have helped the demonstrators find haven in Taiwan. Many have come because they fear they will be detained and not receive fair treatment in Hong Kong.    [FULL  STORY]

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