Missing Taiwanese woman found dead in Czech Republic

Taipei Times
Date: Apr 01, 2016
By: Shelley Shan / Staff reporter

A Taiwanese woman was found dead in a small town in the southern Czech Republic after she went missing during a tour in central Europe earlier this month.

According to the Southeast Travel Service Co (東南旅行社), the woman, surnamed Huang (黃), joined the company’s 10-day tour to Austria and the Czech Republic.

The tour group checked into a hotel in the Czech city of Cesky Krumlov on the fifth day of the tour, the company said, adding that the tour guide did not arrange any activity for the night and left the tourists in the group to explore the town by themselves.

However, Huang did not return to the hotel that night. The tour guide and a friend of Huang spent the night trying to find her, but failed, the company said.

The tour guide reported to the police the next day that Huang was missing, the agency said, adding that her whereabouts remained unknown even after the tour group returned to Taiwan on March 14.     [FULL  STORY]

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