Taiwan shocked again as mother finds 12-year-old daughter’s throat slit [VIDEO]

Straits Times
Date: APR 1, 2016
By: Chew Hui Min

Taiwan has been shaken again by a case of a mother finding her young daughter’s throat slit.

The 12-year-old girl survived the attack though. The incident happened in Tainan on Thursday (March 31) night, and the act was allegedly done by her mother’s ex-boyfriend, Taiwanese media reported.

The attack comes just days after a four-year-old girl nicknamed ‘Little Light Bulb’ was decapitated by a man in front of her mother in Taipei. The gruesome case shocked Taiwan and sparked public outrage.

In this latest incident, Madam Su and her two daughters – aged eight and 12 – were returning home from dinner in the evening when they found Madam Su’s ex-boyfriend hiding in their home, Apple Daily reported.     [FULL  STORY]

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