MOTC encourages driving classes for examinees planning to take motor scooter license test

Formosa News
Date: 2019/03/17

In order to improve the safety of Taiwan’s hordes of motor scooter riders, the Directorate General of Highways is promoting a scheme whereby riders who attend three days of driving classes before taking the motor scooter license test will later be eligible for a subsidy of NT$1,000. Subsidies will be available on April 16th at the earliest.

Currently, it’s not compulsory to enroll in driving classes before taking the test, and tuition fees range between NT$2,800 and NT$3,700. If it’s proven this scheme can lower accident rates, the DGH has not ruled out amending the law so that three days of driving classes will become compulsory for people who intend to ride a scooter legally.

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