Myanmar girl with enlarged tongue thanks Taiwan medical staff

Want China Times
Date: 2015-09-27
By: CNA and Staff Reporter

A girl from Myanmar with extensive hemangioma of the tongue returned home Friday after

Pu Shuang-ting in Taipei, Sept. 25. (Photo courtesy of Chin Shuen-ying)

Pu Shuang-ting in Taipei, Sept. 25. (Photo courtesy of Chin Shuen-ying)

undergoing surgery and rehabilitation that has greatly improved her condition.

“I want to thank all the good friends I made in Taiwan,” said Pu Shuang-ting, a seven-year-old of Chinese descent who lives in a mountainous area of northern Myanmar, said before her departure.

Pu has a swollen tongue that keeps growing and cannot be withdrawn into the mouth, affecting her speech and ability to eat. Because her tongue was three times normal size, she constantly bit her tongue and caused it to bleed.

Pu and her mother and aunt were brought to Taiwan in May by Taiwan Root Medical Peace Corps, a private non-profit organization, which encountered the girl’s condition during a trip to Myanmar last year.

Lee Hsiao-ping, her attending surgeon at Taipei’s Tri-Service General Hospital, carefully assessed her condition before performing surgery so that her tongue would not pressure her respiratory tract and endanger her life.     [FULL  STORY]

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