New Taipei City inmate probed over drugs in food

Taipei Times
Date: Jul 05, 2020
By: Chien Li-chung and William Hetherington / Staff reporter, with staff writer

Police in New Taipei City are reconsidering charging an inmate at the Taipei Detention Center after he was brought food containing narcotics during visiting hours early last month.

Police said that they became suspicious when an inmate surnamed Kao (高) began acting strangely after eating food brought to him by his wife during visiting hours on June 4 and he was sent to a doctor, adding that an inmate who Kao shared the food with also exhibited strange behavior.

A lab analysis showed that the food contained the drug flunitrazepam (Rohypnol), police said, adding that the case was forwarded to the Tucheng Police Precinct for further investigation.

Kao’s wife is not being investigated, as Kao took responsibility, they said, adding that the food analysis showed that the narcotic was likely added in a liquid or powder form before the food was fried, and had been concealed well enough to avoid detection by the guards.   [FULL  STORY]

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