Police Disrupt Indigenous Protest near Taiwan’s Presidential Office

Protestors have been moved to ‘clear the road’ more than two months into a sit-in by indigenous groups.

The News Lens
Date: 2017/05/02
By: ZiQing Low

Police in Taipei today disrupted a sit-in by indigenous protesters from Ketagalan

Photo Credit: The News Lens

Boulevard, near Taiwan’s Presidential Office, more than two months after the protest started.

The police moved a small group of protesters, who have camped out on Ketagalan Boulevard since Feb. 23, to the adjacent sidewalk and erected barricades around them. Police also removed indigenous artwork and rocks from the protester’s tribal areas that were part of the protest.

Several indigenous groups in Taiwan are opposed to the government’s planned return of land in eastern Taiwan, where most of Taiwan’s indigenous people live.

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