Police investigate delivery driver brawl in Jhubei City

‘BAD BEHAVIOR’: A woman who ordered the meal that led to the disagreement told police that an argument over her address was no reason to resort to violence

Taipei Times
Date: Jan 08, 2021
By: Liao Hsueh-ju / Staff reporter

An image captured from a closed-circuit camera shows an altercation between an Uber Eats driver and a residential security guard in Hsinchu County on Wednesday.
Photo: Tsai Ya-hsuan, Taipei Times

Hsinchu County police were yesterday investigating a brawl in Jhubei City (竹北市), involving two food delivery drivers over a dispute with a security guard.

The incident allegedly started on Wednesday afternoon, when an Uber Eats driver, surnamed Hsu (徐), got into an argument with a security guard, surnamed Liu (劉), while delivering to a residential building, a police official said.

“Initial information indicated that the Uber Eats driver did not have detailed address information for a customer in the building who ordered the meal, so the security guard could not pass on the order. The Uber Eats driver then became angry and threatened to throw the meal at the building’s entrance, and they started to argue, leading to an altercation,” said Hu Tsung-wei (胡淙惟), head of Jhubei’s Lioujia District (六家) police station.

“Hsu then used a messaging app to contact two friends, one of whom is a delivery driver for Foodpanda. When they arrived to help their friend, it further escalated into a brawl,” Hu said.    [FULL  STORY]

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