Show Lo’s mum reportedly says Grace Chow destroying his career

Straits Times
Date: April 28, 2020
By: Lim Ruey Yan

Grace Chow with Madam Lin Hsiang-lan (above), mother of Show Lo. Chow has unfollowed Madam Lin’s Weibo account after announcing the break-up.PHOTO: LIN HSIANG-LAN/ WEIBO

Taiwanese pop star Show Lo's mother has weighed in on his side on his break-up with Chinese Internet celebrity Grace Chow.

Chow, 31, wrote an explosive post on Weibo last Thursday, announcing that she had broken up with Lo, 40, for some time and accused the singer of cheating on her and having improper relationships with several women.

According to Taiwan's Mirror Media, Madam Lin Hsiang-lan has criticised Chow in private, saying that the Chinese influencer should have settled the matter quietly instead of blowing it up in public.

Madam Lin said she treated Chow like her daughter-in-law while she and Lo were dating, but with her outburst, Chow would destroy Lo's entertainment career.    [FULL  STORY]

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