Spending a day in Taiwan’s capital city, Taipei

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By: Arka Roy Chowdhury

Take a break in Taiwan’s capital city Taipei, a city of diversity and beauty. Taipei never sleeps, and so you can actually experience a full 24 hours in Taipei. The city is almost 300-year old, with influences from Chinese, Japanese and South East Asian countries. Taipei knows how to handle its oddity and present it as one of its primal charms. Whether you are exploring the city’s food or taking inspiration from its old structures, it is defi nitely going to present to you a delightful experience like no other. So if you happen to be in Taipei for a day, you should be in for some luck as there can never be a dull moment in this city. Here is a 24 hours guide for the Taiwanese city of Taipei.

Breakfast for champions

Start your day with a sumptuous Taiwanese breakfast. You will notice that the streets are buzzing with people quite early in the morning, and it should not be so difficult to settle for a breakfast place. You should try the local dish dan bing, which is a type of pancake, and go for the salty soy milk. Then you also must try Chinese omelette, and shao bing, which is baked wheat cake.

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

A notable place in Taipei, here you must watch the changing of the guards. The place is a national monument and a pretty prominent landmark; you will find this event happening inside the grand hall, and also in front of the statue of a historical figure. You could visit the place at 9 am sharp to witness the fifteen minutes event. The other two places to witness changing of the guards are Sun Yet Sen Memorial Hall, and at Martyr’s Shrine.    [FULL  STORY]

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