Yunlin temple unveils ‘garlic turtle’

Taipei Times
Date: Jun 10, 2018
By: Chan Shih-hung and Jake Chung  /  Staff reporter, with staff writer

Chen An Temple in Yunlin County’s Jioucyong Township (九穹) on Thursday unveiled

An effigy of a turtle made out of sacks of garlic is displayed at Chen An Temple in Yunlin County’s Jioucyong Township on Thursday.  Photo: Chan Shih-hung, Taipei Times

an effigy of a turtle made from sacks of garlic weighing 6 tonnes at the “birthday” celebrations for Shennong (神農大帝), the Chinese folk deity of herbal medicine and agriculture.

Shennong’s divine mandate is to ensure bountiful harvests and farmers’ safety, Chen An Temple director Hsu Ching-kuan (許清冠) said.

Garlic was used to make the effigy because of a divine order from Shennong in early January to buy garlic due to the crash in garlic prices, TC Reading Organization Yunlin branch director Chiu Shih-wen (邱世文) said.

The temple also invited a renowned Linnei Township (林內) pastry maker to bake garlic cakes, which were distributed to the first 200 people who participated in the traditional palanquin crawling event, Hsu said.    [FULL  STORY]

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