Starbucks price hike: more harm than good?

The China Post
Date: February 27, 2017
By: By James Lo

Starbucks opened its first branch in Taiwan in Tienmu, Taipei on March. 28, 1998. A joint

(The China Post)

venture between Starbucks’ U.S. parent company and Uni-President (統一企業), with the latter acting as the local operating management company, the coffeehouse chain has been serving Taiwan with coffees ranging from espressos to caramel macchiatos for almost 20 years.

It seems like only yesterday when Starbucks was all the hype in Taiwan, with its popularity and aggressive expansion leaving local coffee companies like Mr. Brown with no choice but to up their game and model their restaurants after Starbucks just to survive.

And survive they did, with local competitors rising to success, and going as far as gaining their very own cult followings. “Cama (Café) is cheaper and better (than Starbucks) anyway,” said local resident Francis Maginn.   [FULL  STORY]

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