Stickers Unveiled to ‘Fix’ Taiwan Passport Debacle

Washington DC’s airport can still be seen around the edges and the sticker is easily removed, yet Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials are confident the amended passports will not hinder holders’ freedom to travel.

The News Lens
Date: 2018/01/30
By: TNL Staff

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs unveiled a rectified image within Taiwan’s second-

Photo credit: 關鍵評論網

generation biometric passport on Jan. 24, following a row over a design error on one of the passport’s illustrations late last year.

That design malfunction in December — in which the offending page showed the United States’ Washington Dulles International Airport instead of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport — led to criticism of the ministry after its first response to the blunder was to shift blame to the government’s Central Engraving and Printing Plant (CEPP), which produces the passports.

To minimize the cost of the error, the ministry will use a sticker to cover up the fifth page of 550,000 passports already produced by the CEPP with the Dulles Airport image.    [FULL  STORY]

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