Taipei residents urge housing justice

THREE DEMANDS: People who benefit from high prices say that prices increase due to high demand, but in reality, many homes remain vacant, an academic said

Taipei Times
Date: Nov 10, 2019
By: Sean Lin  /  Staff reporter

Hundreds of residents yesterday gathered at a forum in downtown Taipei, where housing prices are the

Former Taipei Department of Urban Development commissioner Lin Jou-min speaks at the founding of the Housing Justice Reform Alliance in Taipei yesterday.
Photo: Yang Hsin-hui, Taipei Times

highest in the nation, to demand housing justice.

The forum, held by the Housing Right Reform Union, took place at a plaza near the intersection of Zhongxiao E Road and Dunhua S Road, where the Snails Without Shells movement was launched 30 years ago.

The forum called on the government to implement a “List Real Price 2.0” policy, levy taxes on people who hoard properties and step up efforts to build social housing.

Participants chanted slogans, vowing to realize housing justice by beating plutocracy.

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