Taiwan-based Caribbean writer launches book about her homeland

Focus Taiwan
Date: 12/16/2020
By: Emerson Lim

CNA photo Dec. 16, 2020

Taipei, Dec. 16 (CAN) Taiwan-based Caribbean writer Peggy Carr on Wednesday launched her new book titled "Shape of a Warrior," a socio-cultural historical narrative about what life was like for the indigenous people in her native country St. Vincent and the Grenadines (Hiroon) before the arrival of the Europeans.

"Shape of a Warrior," a book that has been eight years in the making, tells the story of an indigenous girl, Yurubi, who rescues and helps hide a young boat wreck survivor Aloo, who is from Africa.

The two become close friends and together, they secretly explore the forest on the island of Hiroon, learn to make weapons, play wrestling games, hunt, and build small river boats. But their world of adventure crumbles when Aloo is forced out of hiding and as Yurubi's unwomanly skills become apparent. They both struggle against their fears and age-old traditions, fighting for a place on an island that's home to some of the most fearsome warriors on Earth.

Talking to CNA on the sidelines of the launch event, Carr said she was inspired to write the story because of her love of storytelling and her deep desire to know what life was like for her home country's indigenous people, who called themselves "Kalina," before Europeans arrived in the 16th century.    [FULL  STORY]

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