Taiwan-born US Navy officer was entrapped: lawyer

Taipei Times
Date: May 09, 2016
By: William Lowther / Staff reporter in WASHINGTON

Taiwan-born US Navy Lieutenant Commander Edward Lin (林介良), who is accused of spying for Taipei, never committed espionage and was entrapped by the FBI, according to his defense lawyer.

New information on the case emerged last week when navy prosecutors released recordings from closed-door legal proceedings conducted last month.

They said Lin, 39, last year became the target of a sting operation after counter-espionage agents became suspicious of his actions.

They set up Lin to meet with a Mandarin-speaking FBI informant, who was posing as a Taiwanese official.

A military prosecutor, US Navy Commander Johnathan Stephens, said that Lin met with the informant between Aug. 25 and Sept. 9 last year and shared classified information.     [FULL  STORY]

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