TRA to launch online meal box booking May 10

Taiwan News
By: George Liao, Taiwan News, Staff Writer

The Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) will begin to take online meal (bento) box orders from

Photo courtesy of the TRA

Photo courtesy of the TRA

May 10, and initially the booking will be open only to seven Puyuma express trains and one Taroko express train on the eastern line during the trial period, the TRA said on Sunday.

The eight trains initially open for meal box booking are train code 218 (Shulin to Hualien), train codes 422, 432 and 438 (Shulin to Taitung), train codes 217, 219, 225 and 239 (Hualien to Shulin).

The online meal box booking is designed to provide passengers with more convenient services and to cut down on food waste by getting to know more precisely how many bento boxes will be needed on a certain train, the TRA said.

Passenger can book meal boxes immediately after having successfully booked train tickets, or book later but before making the payment, according to the TRA.

The cost for the tickets and meal boxes will be calculated together, and the payment shall be made online or at a TRA station, the TRA said, adding that those paying at a station will get both train tickets and meal box tickets.     [FULL  STORY]

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