Taiwan Mobile apologizes after signal down for 95 minutes

Want China Times
Date: 2015-06-29

Taiwan Mobile, one of Taiwan’s major mobile telecommunication services providers,

A Taiwan Mobile store in Taipei. (File photo/Tu Yi-an)

A Taiwan Mobile store in Taipei. (File photo/Tu Yi-an)

offered an apology Sunday for a 95-minute signal breach earlier in the day, and said it will compensate those who suffered losses as a result of the glitch.

The company, however, did not elaborate on what form the compensation might take, just saying it will be based on relevant laws.

The mobile phone signal breach began at 12:30 pm and ended at 2:05 pm, affecting users almost everywhere in Taiwan and drawing a large volume of complaints.

Some subscribers said on the PTT internet bulletin board that the breach happened abruptly, cutting off not only internet access but also telephone services.

Taiwan Mobile confirmed the glitch in a statement and said the problem was fixed at 2:05 pm. Its technicians were still probing the cause of the signal breach, the company added.     [FULL  STORY]

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