Taiwan rallies against ruling party over gay marriage

Asia One
July 11, 2015

TAIPEI – Hundreds of people took to Taipei’s streets to call for the legalisation of

Photo: AFP

Photo: AFP

same-sex marriage Saturday, throwing water balloons at the headquarters of the ruling party they believe is blocking a proposed amendment to the law.

The march, bolstered by a landmark US ruling on gay unions, was aimed at spurring progress on a gay marriage bill which passed its first reading in parliament in October 2013 but has since been on ice.

In keeping with Taiwan’s parliamentary system, the bill would have to start anew if it fails to pass its third reading before February 2016, the end of the current legislative session.

“If this bill cannot get the approval in the next few months, then all our previous efforts would vanish. You wouldn’t be happy with that, would you?” shouted activist Hsu Hsi-wen, speaking through a loudspeaker from atop a truck to around 600 people gathered outside the headquarters of the Kuomintang (KMT) party.     [FULL  STORY]

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