Taiwanese Athlete Yeh Shou-po: Mind over body

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Taiwan News
Date: 2018/05/11
By: Mabel Neo, Taiwan News, Staff Reporter

TAIPEI(Taiwan News)- An athlete’s reaction time is the crucial aspect of a top-level

The image is taken by Mabel Neo

athlete’s technical skills, separating the able from the elite. Yeh Shou-po(葉守博) is the athlete with that has one of the fastest (if not the fastest) reaction time in Taiwan, making him the better “gunner,” having a higher advantage above the rest.

What is reaction time?

According to Magill & Anderson about Motor learning and Control in 2014, the reaction time is defined as the interval of time between the onset of a stimulus, and the initiation of a response.

Therefore, in sprint events, there is a sequence to follow after the gun goes off. The sound of the gun travels to ear, and the athlete’s ear registers the sound and sends an impulse to the brain. The brain then processes the sound then sends a signal to the athlete to start running. Upon receiving the signal, the sprinter will then go.

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