The Taiwanese Hamburger Goes Global

‘Taiwan’s culinary scene is nothing if not inventive, so it’s no surprise dozens of guabao variations are available.’

The news Lens
Date: 2017/03/19

What English-speakers often call a ‘Taiwanese hamburger’ is known to Taiwanese people as guabao or ho-ka-ti (“tiger bites pig” in local dialect). This hearty snack of dark brown meat inside a snow-white steamed bun is near the top of many visitors’ “must-eat” lists.

Like several other Taiwanese dishes, the local hamburger doesn’t just give culinary pleasure. Thanks to its auspicious shape – it’s said to look like a purse overflowing with money – it also has a ritual function. For this reason, guabao often appear in the traditional end-of-the-year feasts at which Taiwanese bosses thank their employees for their hard work.

Unlike the round patties found in U.S.-style hamburgers, “Taiwanese hamburgers” feature a single squarish slab of deliciously tender pork belly slightly bigger than a set of playing cards.    [FULL  STORY]

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