To celebrate Aowanda’s 22th Birthday, An admission ticket is only 10NTD on July 1st

Eye On Taiwan
Date: June 28, 2016
By: Erixon Chen, Special to ye On Taiwan

July 1st is Aowanda(奧萬大) National Forest Recreation Area’s 22nd open anniversary. Nantou

Photo by: Erixon Chen

Photo by: Erixon Chen

Forest Districe Office(南投林管處) has a new promotion. Admission tickets now only cost 10NTD/each on July 1st and only costs half on July 2nd and July 3rd.

Aowanda is a nice place to enjoy nature, the Spring blossoms, the Summer waterfalls, the autumn moon and Winter maple trees. A different season will bring you different feelings. Now you can see the butterflies flying and hear insects singing, Lilium formosanum blooming everywhere. It’s beautiful especially in Summer. The waterfall walkway was opened this February. Visitors can see the spectacular view of the waterfall and the double waterfall the Nantou Forest Districe Office said.

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