Tsai warns KMT

Taiwan News
Date: 2015-11-03
By: Matthew Strong, Taiwan News, Staff Writer

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Democratic Progressive Party presidential candidate Tsai

Tsai warns KMT.  Central News Agency (2015-11-03 18:16:41)

Tsai warns KMT. Central News Agency (2015-11-03 18:16:41)

Ing-wen on Tuesday warned the Kuomintang government not to harm Taiwan’s democracy by using any means possible to win the January 16 elections.

With only about 70 days left until polling day for a new president and for the Legislative Yuan, Tsai has managed to stay the frontrunner in opinion polls despite the KMT changing candidates last October 17, naming its chairman Eric Liluan Chu as its new contender.

Tsai said she had to remind the ruling camp that under the present situation, it should not use any means possible to provoke change which would harm Taiwan’s democracy and the national interest.

She specifically singled out the KMT’s advantages as the ruling party, allowing it to benefit from state resources during the campaign.     [FULL  STORY]

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