Two marines injured in exercise die

PROBE LAUNCHED: An officer who served as a supervisor in the drill died in an apparent suicide after the accident, which was caused by unexpected waves

Taipei Times
Date: Jul 06, 2020
By: Staff writer, with CNA

A promotional image designed to boost morale within the navy is pictured on the Republic of China Navy’s Facebook page.
Photo screen grab from the Republic of China Navy’s Facebook page

Two marines who were on Friday injured in a military exercise in the waters off Kaohsiung passed away yesterday, Navy Command said.

The marines — surnamed Tsai (蔡), 26, and a sergeant surnamed Chen (陳), 36 — were in a seven-member Marine Corps team that encountered rough seas during a simulated response to enemy forces landing on Taiwan. Their rubber craft overturned in waters off Taoziyuan (桃子園) beach in Zuoying District (左營), injuring four of the marines.

They were rushed to hospital, where three of them — Tsai, Chen and a 34-year-old sergeant — were taken to an intensive care unit with pulmonary edema, a condition caused by an excessive amount of fluid in the lungs.

Kaohsiung Armed Forces General Hospital’s Zuoying branch confirmed that Tsai was declared dead 36 minutes past midnight after his family decided to cease resuscitation efforts.

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