Two Oil Tankers Aground Near Port of Kaohsiung

Taiwan English News
Date: June 15, 2018 
By: Phillip Charlier

Kaohsiung Coast Guard Administration rescued a total of 32 crew members from two oil tankers that ran aground near the Port of Kaohsiung due to stormy weather yesterday evening, June 14.

The Fiji-registered 19 Winner, and the Panama-flagged MT Shine Luck, both lost their moorings in high wind and heavy seas generated by a tropical low pressure system at around 8:00pm, and ran aground in shallow waters near Fengbitou.

Fourteen crew, including the captain of the Fijian vessel, which was close to shore, were rescued by the coast guard and fire personnel who braved rough seas and high wind, and used rope ladders and ropes to evacuate the vessel.

Crew members after rescue.

One Crew Missing
The 18 crew members of the MT Shine Luck, which was situated further from the shore, were trapped on board. One of the crew members dived into the ocean in an attempt to swim to shore, and is missing. The other crew members were finally taken off the vessel at around 4:00am. Rescuers employed a large crane to extend a boom and a hanging basket to lift the crew to shore.

The coast guard and Ministry of Transport are monitoring the vessels and say that as of 9:30am, the ships were not listing, and there were no signs of an oil leak.

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