US source says the US likes the New Southbound Policy

STATE DEPARTMENT:The source said the US is interested in learning more details about the Tsai administration’s proposals for the Asia-Pacific region

Taipei Times
Date: Aug 01, 2017
By: Lu Yi-hsuan and William Hetherington / Staff reporter, with staff writer

The US government fully supports the President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) administration’s New Southbound Policy, describing it as in line with the US’ own policy direction in the region, a US Department of State source said.

The source said that the US is happy to see Taiwan treating the policy as a long-term project, adding that it anticipates the two nations working together on such regional issues as the digital divide, medical training and fostering of a community mindset in the Asia-Pacific region.

The US is interested in learning more about Taiwan’s specific plans for the region, the source said, adding that it has so far been unable to obtain adequate information related to the policy.

The US has also been concerned that so many negative opinions and so much misunderstanding about the policy exist among Taiwanese, the source said.

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