Veterans who defended Taiwan hold reunion here

The Lawton Constitution
Date: Sat, 10/17/2015
By: Mitch Meador

History came alive at the Air Defense Artillery (ADA) Museum on Friday.

Sixteen veterans who defended Taiwan during the second Taiwan Straits 1A-ADA-1-40-x-fullCrisis in 1958 traveled here with their spouses and children to see for themselves that their chapter in American military history will not be forgotten.

ADA Museum Director Jonathan Bernstein said he’s been in contact with Bob Mackintosh, the president of the 2nd Missile Battalion, 71st Artillery Association, for about two years. Mackintosh was one of the fire control officers on the battalion’s deployment to Taiwan in 1958-59.

“This really is a key moment in air defense history, because they were the first expeditionary missile battalion that went overseas on a combat mission. Even though it was peacetime, it was a combat mission with live missiles and provided air defense for an allied nation,” Bernstein said.      [FULL  STORY]

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