VIDEO: Air force decommissions remaining UH-1H helicopters

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 01 November, 2019
By: Leslie Liao

The air force has decommissioned the last of its UH-1H helicopters. After decades of service, their

The last of Taiwan’s UH-1H’s were decommissioned

The last of Taiwan's UH-1H's were decommissioned[/caption]functions are being taken over by another model.

Earlier this week, the air force bid farewell to its UH-1H helicopters, a model that has been in use in Taiwan for 50 years.

For the decommissioning ceremony, one of the final UH-1H helicopters in service unloaded six special forces members as it touched down. Trailing the old helicopter was one of its new replacements, a UH-60M Blackhawk.

In the next stage of the ceremony, the pilots of the two helicopters disembarked and walked towards one another. The pilot of the older UH-1H helicopter handed over a large D-ring used during rescues to the pilot of the newer Blackhawk, symbolically entrusting the new helicopters with their mission.

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