Water Rationing in Taiwan Influences Global PCB Supply

Ctimes News
Date: Apr 20,2015
By: Korbin Lan

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Due to water shortages in Taiwanese water reservoirs, measures have been 1700235460implemented to limit water supplies, and this has caused electronic component supplies to be stretched thin, triggering price increases. Among these components, printed circuit boards (PCB) have been influenced most significantly. Recent customer advanced orders or value added package production capacity have seen price increases of approximately 3%, and this is the first time the PCB industry has experienced price increases during the traditional low season.

The global processing capacity for PBC is concentrated in Taiwan, especially in Taoyuan and New Taipei City. However, the production process for PCB requires large amounts of water, and as soon as water supplies are insufficient, it influences production. Currently Taoyuan and New Taipei City have implemented a “five days on, two days off” water rationing measure, which has limited production capacity.     [FULL  STORY]

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