What Must Change Isn’t Necessarily The Taiwan Education System, But The Values

The News Lens
Date: 2016/11/22
By: Hélène Belaunde

A group of senior high school students from Yilan in northern Taiwan held a series of presentations on

Photo Credit:Tony Tseng@Flickr CC BY 2.0

Photo Credit:Tony Tseng@Flickr CC BY 2.0

Nov. 12 and 13, during which they shared the knowledge and insight gained through an experiential education trip to Europe.

Earlier this year, a group of 14 students from Yilan County led by teacher You Fan-qi (由樊琦) spent three months traveling in Europe as part of an experiential education project. The countries they visited included Denmark, Finland and Germany; students went to local schools and factories to immerse themselves in a foreign learning and working environments, observe different teaching methods and acquire a number of practical skills, all the while interacting with locals.

After returning to Taiwan, they spent two days conducting presentations and interactive discussions with their classmates, during which they shared their experiences and the knowledge they gained through observation and research.    [FULL  STORY]

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