What’s on in Taiwan this Weekend (11/25-27)

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Date: 2016/11/25
By: ZiQing Low

What’s on this weekend in Taiwan.


Dadado Huang Things That Love Told Me Tour / Nov. 26 / Legacy Taichung
Dadado Huang (黃玠) is a Taiwanese independent contemporary folk singer and songwriter. He released his first solo album “Hard Days” in 2007. After his first performance at the Taipei International Convention Center (TICC) this August, he continues his “Things That Love Told Me” tour in Taichung.

Instrumental Rocks in Taiwan 2016: →Pia-no-jaC← / Nov. 26 / Legacy Taipei

→Pia-no-jaC← is an instrumental music duo from Japan. The two members, Hayato and Hiro, play the piano and cajon, a peruvian percussion instrument. The self-taught duo blend Japanese music into their pieces, and this is their second time performing in Taiwan, the first being at the Taichung Jazz Festival in 2009.

→Pia-no-jaC← has been featured on Disney’s compilation albums and the “Chopin 100th Anniversary Compilation Album” among others. The pair perform in over 150 concerts every year, including at the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan and the Corciano Festival in Italy.

Stand-up Comedy

Sanyuan Idol Comedy Show Taiwan / Nov. 25 – 27 / Ruin Livehouse, Kaohsiung; Sound Livehouse, Taichung; Riverside Music, Taipei

Keigo Mihara (三原慧悟) is a Japanese YouTuber who wants to become a pop-idol in Taiwan. He makes videos that introduce and compare Japanese and Taiwanese culture, and has also filmed parodies of popular Taiwanese music.

This weekend, he brings his comedy videos on the road in Taiwan with a series of live performances in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung.    [FULL  STORY]    

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