Women’s self-defense classes offered in Taipei following string of murders

In response to a record 14 murders last month, MOWES holds its first women’s self-defense class in Taipei

Taiwan News
Date: 2018/06/29
By: Sofia Kuan, Taiwan News, Staff Writer

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — In response to the recent string of gruesome murders,

(Photo by Sofia Kuan)

MOWES (Moving Women Establishment), a community space advocating for female empowerment located in Taipei’s Da’an District, had their first self-defense class for women on June 27.

Founder and co-founder of the space, Maja Ho(侯梅婷) and Kai Hsieh (謝鎧安), organized these sessions as a response to the 14 female homicides in the past month involving violent encounters with men.

“These incidents were shocking, I didn’t expect them to happen — especially in Taiwan” said self-defense teacher and Tae-Kwon Do instructor, Russell Stuart. He conducted the first class starting by teaching the women how to detect warning signs and different release techniques to get away from aggressive wrist grabs and posterior grabs.    [FULL  STORY]

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