China kicks off military drills near Taiwan after warning it’s willing to fight over the island

Business Insider
Date: July 30, 2019
By: Ryan Pickrell

The aircraft carrier Liaoning during a Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy drill in the western Pacific Ocean.

The Chinese military is conducting exercises at both ends of the Taiwan Strait this week, according to two local maritime safety administration notices.

The drills are meant to demonstrate China's resolve in response to US activities, namely regular Taiwan Strait transits by the US Navy and a $2.2 billion arms sale to Taiwan, military experts told the South China Morning Post.

The latest exercises follow the release of a new Chinese defense white paper that reiterated Beijing's longstanding position: China will not renounce the use of force as an option for reunification with Taiwan.

China has kicked off large-scale military drills in waters near Taiwan just days after warning in a new defense report that it remains ready and willing to use force to achieve reunification.

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